Local police sending relief supplies to beleaguered Mississippi colleagues

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Last Wednesday, Suffolk Police Chief William Freeman got a teletype from his colleagues in Madison County, Miss.

It discussed how in need the officers in one of Hurricane Katrina’s victimized areas were of things such as clothing, toiletries, and other necessities, both for themselves and for citizens hurt by the storm.

&uot;I said, ‘Guys, let’s go,’&uot; Freeman said. &uot;Ultimately, it situations as catastrophic as this, one of the most devastating situations the country has seen, everyone wants to do something, but don’t always know what. This is what we could do.&uot;

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Along with their counterparts in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, the Suffolk cops began collecting. Officers brought items. Citizens made donations. Businesses and churches sent several things. In the span of less than a week, a garage full of water, clothes and other items had been brought in. On Tuesday afternoon, the load was placed into a truck, on its way to Madison on Thursday.

&uot;The federal government will do its part,&uot; Freeman said, hoisting a 12-pack of water into the truck, &uot;but we couldn’t sit by. This is a small part of helping out.&uot;

The items will go to help three Sheriff’s offices and nine police departments in the Madison area, said Capt. Dean Smith.

&uot;There were a lot of phone calls for this,&uot; Smith said. &uot;We had a really good response.&uot;

The department is still collecting donations. For more information, call 923-2350.