Waiting for an explanation of Iraq war

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 8, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

There’s an old saying that goes something like: &uot;I don’t care what they say about me as long as they spell my name right.&uot; So I suppose I should be flattered that Mr. Pocklington mentioned me in his &uot;Opinions&uot; piece (Sept. 4).

But I have learned that he was not really referring to me as the someone who suggested that &uot;the editor keep a careful eye on&uot; what he writes and &uot;edit certain [of his] expressed thoughts.&uot; A good thing, because I am most interested to read Mr. Pocklington’s thoughts on any subject; most particularly the Iraq war, since that is something we seem to disagree on. I have been waiting patiently for him (or any other war supporter) to explain what we are doing in Iraq now that we know there were no WMDs or CBR weapons there, that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, and had no ties to Bin Laden or Al Qaida – in other words, was (and is) no threat to our security.

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While he’s at it, maybe Mr. Pocklington could elaborate for me on the Constitutional authority for expending American blood and treasure given the current alibi for the war: i.e., to bring &uot;freedom and democracy&uot; to a formerly sovereign and non-threatening nation. (How about Cuba next? It’s got a dictator and no freedom; but it’s a lot closer and the climate is better.)

And speaking of treasure, in view of the tragic mess in the Gulf states we could sure use some of those hundreds of billions of dollars we have poured (and continue to pour) down the Iraq rat hole.

What say you, Bob?

John M. Sharpe