League gives early welcome

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 11, 2005

A few weeks ago, Baltimore Civic League president Joanne Davis drove down Charles Street, and happened to venture past the house Building Suffolk Inc. (made up of several former Habitat for Humanity members) has been constructing since March.

Davis pulled over and got out to chat with member Fran Alwood, who told her of future tenant Rosemary Holmes, Holmes’ daughter and five grandchildren.

It was unclear as to when the house would be completed. But before her new neighbors moved in, Davis decided to ask the rest of the league for an early welcome.

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She talked to the other 11 members, and decided to collect several items for Holmes and her family. Over the next few weeks, league members went around town, gathered school supplies – all of Holmes’ grandchildren are of school age – clothes, food and other housewarming gifts. On Friday afternoon, Davis and vice president Alma Lundy, who herself has worked on several Habitat homes of the past, presented Holmes with her gifts.

&uot;It felt good,&uot; said Holmes, currently living in an apartment on Columbus Avenue. &uot;I’ve got a lot of nice neighbors. I love the house. I’ve never had my own house before. It’s beautiful.&uot;

Davis, whose league looks over the neighborhood stretching from St. James Avenue to Jackson and Saratoga Streets, wanted to show how much her organization cared.

&uot;That’s what it’s all about – caring,&uot; she said. &uot;It’s about supporting. It’s about giving from the heart. People need to know that people still care.&uot;