America is color blind

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Editor, the News-Herald:

I read Andy Prutsok’s column as to Charles Christian being upset about Robert Pocklington’s personal comments.

You state that &uot;We have all seen the Associated Press photo captions of Katrina victims that described a black man as a &uot;looter&uot; and a white couple as having &uot;managed to find food.&uot;

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What I have seen in this catastrophe is an America that is color blind. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition, Al Sharpton (and whatever group he is supposed to represent) Charlie Rangel, Shelia Jackson Lee,

of the Black Political Cacus, Louis Farakhan and the Nation of Islam, and now at the local level the NAACP, and Christian complains about the so called

&uot;racism&uot; of Pocklington?

How come these people, elected and non elected, become part of the problem and never can provide a solution or attempt to solve it? They live to beat the drum of racism and the only way they can maintain their existence is to continually scream this rhetoric through the media, which they so desperately need.

Why isn’t Christian speaking out against the people who serve this message up on a daily basis? Granted, we only hear this message when they can make it a political statement. I guess that Mr.Christian is the local messenger and served well under the guidance of Julian Bond?

Is Christian seeking a position as Quannell X serves Louis Farakhan? I beg to differ with their continued use of the word &uot;racism.&uot; They breed it and condone it. America is color blind. It’s a shame that the elected and non-elected so-called black leaders aren’t.

A.C. Volper

Houston, Texas