Gators strike out for second in season opener

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Suffolk’s Gators opened their season and closed out the year for the Suffolk YMCA’s outdoor pool Saturday, taking second in their first meet, the final event to be held at the pool before it closed for the season. The local squad finished in the middle between Luter (Smithfield) and Great Bridge/Hickory, 242-185-101.

Curtis Oliver, Laura Smith, Samantha Barbour and Will Arcand were the first Suffolkians to snare a win, taking the Mixed 9-10 200 relay. Kristen Brown, Detrice Bickham, Kendell Effler and Nolan McGrew got second in the 11-12, and Haleigh Wineman, Chalice Rowe, Sarah Bean and Caleb Nixon were third in 13-14.

Jesse Tillman got second in the Girls 6U 25-free, and Julia Tillman won the Girls 7-8 event. David Forman won the Boys 7-8 event, and Samantha Barbour and Lexi Moffatt were first and second in Girls 9-10. Curtis Oliver, Will Arcand and Jarrad Lynn swept the Boys’ event, and Robby Arcand and T.J. Paull were second and third in Boys 11-12. Haleigh Wineman was second in Girls 13-14, and Andrew Wingrove won the Boys event. Antonio Petersen and Jeff Goodwin swept the 15-18.

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Taylor Berard won the Girls 8U breastroke, and Luke Babineau got the Boys 9-10. Kendell Effler was second in Girls 11-12. Caleb Nixon and Andrew Wingrove were tops in the Boys 13-14, and Jeff Goodwin won the 15-18.

Haleigh Wineman and Tyler Keeling won the 200 freestyle races, and Kylie Potter started individual medley by taking the Girls 8U event. Curtis Oliver won the Boys 9-10, and Samantha Wright, Bella Tillman, Ella Bronaugh and Kylie Potter were second in Mixed 6U free relay. David Forman, Jena Araojo, Julia Tillman and Taylor Berard took the 7-8 event, and Will Arcand, Jarrad Lynn, Curtis Oliver and Samantha Barbour were second in 9-10. Caleb Nixon, Andrew Wingrove, Chalice Rowe and Haleigh Wineman won the 13-14, and Jeff Goodwin, Antonio Petersen, Sarah Bean and Tyler Keeling the 400.

Kylie Potter again began a stroke with a victory, snaring the Girls 6U free, and Taylor Berard and Julia Tillman were first and second in Girls 7-8. Jeff Goodwin snared the 15-18.

Taylor Berard, Julia Tillman and Jena Araojo were the top three in Girls 7-8 backstroke, and Devin Storf was second in Boys 9-10. T.J. Paull was second in Boys 11-12, and Haleigh Wineman and Sarah Bean were fastest in Girls 13-14. Caleb Nixon won the Boys’ race.

Kylie Potter and Samantha Barbour won the Girls 6U and 7-8 butterfly races, and Curtis Oliver and Jarrad Lynn got the Boys 9-10 top spots. Tyler Keeling ended the meet with a win in the Boys 15-18 event.