A sign of the times?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 30, 2005

My name is Emily Knick. My mother recently passed away. She was born in Suffolk, and lived there her entire life. I myself was born there and moved away only six years ago. Unfortunately, I am now going through the painful chore of selling off her things that she collected over her 72 years – a chore which is difficult on its own, but the City of Suffolk is making even moreso.

I have had two yard sales thus far, and have posted advertisements in the newspaper.

However, as you must know, not everyone is familiar with all roads in Suffolk, nor does everyone read the paper.

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I posted signs for both sales around Lakeside, but was surprisingly informed by someone in the middle of a sale that he witnessed the city removing and destroying my signs. It greatly saddens me that all of the effort my family and I put into organizing these events was hindered by the city.

I understand how frustrating it must be to the City of Suffolk to police signs days after an event is over, or your concern may even be &uot;vulgarity&uot; on public display; but what is the harm of construction paper, cardboard, or any other type of sign to be displayed on poles or lawns on a Saturday or Sunday so that your sale is a success?!

Yard sales are a community-building event. It offers fellowship among neighbors, and it also may generate interest in people to relocate to neighborhoods. It is clean, family-oriented entertainment, and the whole country could use plenty of that.

Honestly I do not understand why you would stand in the way of them.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration of allowing &uot;the people&uot; to display signs for these events. I am about to have an estate sale this weekend. I am almost sure that I will get little traffic because, again, my signs will be torn down.

My mother’s things will be out of her house by next month and this will no longer be an issue for me, but I am still writing this because you should really be aware of the disservice you are doing to members of your community.

Please reconsider this policy.

Or at the very least, show &uot;yard sale signs&uot; a little mercy.

Emily Knick

Virginia Beach