Kaine is the right man

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 30, 2005

In nine days Virginians will go to the polls to elect our next governor.

The News-Herald strongly encourages readers to cast their ballot for Democrat Tim Kaine.

If for no other reason than his professed support of allowing communities like Suffolk to have the tools to manage their growth, Suffolk residents should support Kaine.

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But there are more reasons than that.

Four years ago, the state was emerging from years of mismanagement and was in danger of losing its bond rating.

Republican Jerry Kilgore’s espousal of the policies that brought the state to the brink of financial calamity is troubling.

What we know about Kilgore is that he will execute criminals, he will not raise taxes, and he will support abdicating responsibility by not actively opposing referendums. While such policies are fine when the economy is booming, and we can afford to put ideology ahead of responsible government, it’s hardly a platform for moving Virginia forward.

Kaine, on the other hand, has waged a positive campaign that is focusing on issues that will actually impact Virginians – education, transportation and more importantly, continuing the policies of Gov. Mark Warner that have once again placed Virginia among the best managed states in the nation. That’s a legacy to be proud of, and with the uncertain economic outlook facing the nation, we need a governor who we can depend on to manage the finances and try to move the state forward.

Since Warner is term-limited, Tim Kaine is that candidate.

Kilgore is young enough to be a major player in Virginia politics for years to come and has a good chance of one day winning the governor’s mansion. We hope as time passes, he will rethink mindless no-tax pledges and campaign tactics that try to play on people’s fears while avoiding discussion of real issues. A vote for Kaine will send a message that we want candidates who will talk about their vision for Virginia and that the politics of personal attack is unappealing to 21st century Virginians.

There is, of course, a third candidate in the race that we have not mentioned, Independent Russell Potts. While he, too, would make a good executive, he does not appear to have a realistic chance of winning. If you support Potts and want your vote to count, you should cast it for Kaine, whose philosophy and espoused policies most closely reflect those of Potts.