Today: ‘Skins take on someone good!

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 30, 2005

N.Y. Giants 30, Washing-ton 17. Last week, the Redskins did their impression of an adult beating up a kindergartner, whomping San Francisco. Today, they face a team that, like them, doesn’t seem as good, or at least as consistent, as its record implies, as the Giants should have lost to Denver last week. The ‘Skin defense is doing fine, as is Mark Brunell, but the Giants haven’t lost at home this year and have sentiment on their side after Wellington Mara’s passing, so they get the Pick.

Cincinnati 42, Green Bay 10. I’m highly ticked at both of these teams for blowing Picks last week, but the Pack – as though they haven’t suffered enough this year – lost Ahman Green for the season and let Minnesota (Minnesota!) come back from a 17-point deficit. The Bengals at least lost to a better team in Pittsburgh, so they should get back on track this week.

Dallas 49, Arizona 13. The Cardinals don’t have a rushing game, or much of an offense at all, yet they still managed to beat Tennessee last week. Big whoop. The Cowboys, on the other hand, wrapped last week’s game in a gift box and handed it to Seattle. If they do that today, there’s no telling what Bill Parcells will do.

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Chicago 28, Detroit 3. Jeff Garcia had a good game against Cleveland last week, and he’ll be back today – Joey Harrington, who gave the Bears five interceptions Sept. 18, won’t get within an area code of the field. But the Brown defense pales to Chicago’s, which has allowed 11.3 points this game and no touchdowns in two games. The Bear offense isn’t anything special, but the Lion defense is about as thick as tap water.

Tennessee 35, Oakland 30. These two teams put on a Wyatt Earp-esque shootout last Dec. 19, when Oakland escaped with a 40-35 victory. But neither is going anywhere, fast or otherwise, as injuries have racked both sides. The Titans get the Pick because they have a better defense, which is sort of like saying that a .201 hitter is better than a .200 hitter.

Jacksonville 23, St. Louis 21. This could come out of nowhere. St. Louis, beaten down by injuries, played arguably its best game of the season last week against New Orleans. Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh two weeks ago, then took a weekend to kick back.

Carolina 16, Minnesota 13. The Panthers were probably thinking past this one to Tampa Bay next week, but they better get straight after Minnesota charged to a big win last weekend. That, and the fact that Carolina’s won three straight by a combined eight points, make this one a bit tougher than it looked eight days ago.

Houston 35, Cleveland 7. I believe that Cleveland will win, but Houston gets the &uot;Good Luck, You’ll Need It!&uot; Pick to give them some sort of momentum when they go with Jacksonville, Indiana-polis and Kansas City in the next three weeks.

Miami 26, New Orleans 13. The Saints are one of my favorite teams, but I still wouldn’t watch this one.

Kansas City 30, San Diego 28. Oh yeah – it’s on. Priest Holmes vs. Ladanian Tomlinson, baby. One team trying to stay ahead, while another tries to overcome a series of defeats. If this game isn’t on television around here, I’m suing someone.

Denver 27, Philadelphia 17. But for that last game, this would be the Game of the Week. Which Eagle team will show – the one that got pushed around by Dallas a few weeks ago, or the one that shut down San Diego last week? Will Denver rebound from its heartbreak to the Giants last week? Weeks like this make me want to sign up for Direct TV.

Tampa Bay 35, San Francisco 10. If I were Jon Gruden, I’d put my second- and third-stringers in for the first half, and go from there. A 49er squad that got whaled by Washington last week will get no mercy today. If I weren’t too cheap to gamble, I’d go 10-to-1 that Cadillac Williams gets 200 yards today.

New England 42, Buffalo 28. Man, this game sure has a different face than it did before the season, doesn’t it? Tom Brady is off to the best start of his career, but Willis McGahee could cut loose against a subpar Patriot defense. New England gets the Pick because Buffalo has a &uot;defense&uot; and because Brady’s not their only offensive weapon.

Pittsburgh 32, Baltimore 6. Baltimore has never had an offense, even when winning the Super Bowl a few years ago. But with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed injured, and Jamal Lewis running like his legs weigh 400 pounds each, they don’t have much at all. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, has a great deal.

Last week: 7-6

Overall: 53-47