Many reasons to support Jerry Kilgore on Nov. 8

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 1, 2005

In your endorsement of Tim Kaine for Governor (Oct. 30 issue of the Suffolk News-Herald), you failed to mention several major deficiencies in Kain’s proposals for governing the State.

One is transportation.

Kaine’s only proposal is to eliminate the raid on the State’s transportation fund.

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While this is a good idea, it cannot be implemented for at least another two years.

A transportation program needs to be put in place NOW, not at some future date.

Jerry Kilgore proposes letting regions, like Hampton Roads, solve their own problems through a referendum, which would allow the regions to sell bonds or implement a toll tax to cover the cost.

Jerry Kilgore opposed the referendum that was offered about two years ago because that plan would impose another layer of bureaucracy on the transportation system.

His referendum proposal would utilize the Department of Transportation to build roads without the added bureaucracy.

It is interesting that Tim Kaine now opposes Kilgore’s referendum, although he supported the referendum two years ago.

In my judgment a common sense referendum is logical because it is unlikely that Delegates from other parts of Virginia would support a statewide tax that would impose additional taxes on their constituents, particularly since they would not derive any benefits from tax increase.

On this one issue it makes sense to vote for Jerry Kilgore.

But wait, there’s more.

Jerry Kilgore has a plan to reward teachers on a performance basis.

He also has proposed helping pay tuition costs for recently graduated teachers who agree to teach in distressed schools.

Further, he will provide state funding and individual tax incentives for teachers to take additional training and to pursue advanced degrees.

The death penalty has been publicized recently based on a statement made to a reporter who asked if he, Kaine, believed in the death penalty for Adolph Hitler (This is a paraphrase).

His meek response was that life was important and his religious beliefs were not in accord with the death penalty (A paraphrase), but he would uphold the law.

We all believe that life is important, and that the death penalty should be applied only to people who have committed heinous crimes, where the evidence was irrefutable.

Hitler, for those of you who did not live during WWII, was the most evil person in the history of the world.

He blotted out the lives of 6,000,000 Jews and killed millions of others in an effort to control the world.

So, when someone asks if Hitler should be put to death, the answer should be a resounding &uot;YES&uot;.

Any other answer is indefensible.

In another area that is important to the people of Suffolk and to all Virginians, for that matter, is the spiraling cost of assessed valuations on real estate.

The assessed valuation increased by 16 percent in Suffolk last year on top of increased assessments for the last several years.

City and county council members all over the state can sit back and let the money roll in without voting to raise the tax rate.

Jerry Kilgore has a plan to control the taxes raised by increased assessments.

His proposal is to limit taxes to an increase of 5 percent assessed valuation until the home/land is sold.

The council would have the option to raise the tax rate if they felt inclined to do so, but they would have to explain their actions to their constituents.

These are some of the reasons why I’m voting for Jerry Kilgore on Nov. 8.

Eugene Sankey


What is important in this next election for governor?

Moral issues are most important.

Do we want to be the next state allowing homosexual marriages?

Do we want to be the next state letting criminals and sex offenders get out of jail or spend little to no time in jail?

Will people who commit murder get to walk and be out walking our streets and threatening our neighborhoods?

One of the Ten Commandments states:

&uot;Thy shall not Murder,&uot;

yet Tim Kaine may very well be the one to pardon the death row inmate and let him walk. To murder means to kill someone innocent. The death penalty is not murder, but justice and protection for our society.

Kaine has been very outspoken in favor of homosexual marriages/unions. This is an abomination according to God’s Holy Word.

Voting for Kaine will be an abomination to God’s Law.

Jerry Kilgore is and always has been a crusader with high morals and Christian values.

Pray and read for guidance on how the Lord wants you to vote next Tuesday.

Read and follow His Holy Word.

Niecie King Garner