Follow the money

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 5, 2005

All those campaign signs, newspaper advertisements and mailings you receive in your home from political candidates aren’t free. They cost a lot of money and candidates for public office constantly have to raise money.

People give money to candidates for a variety of reasons: They are friends; they are relatives; they believe in that candidate’s philosophy (Don’t laugh, I’m serious); or, God forbid, they hope their contribution buys them access to that candidate if he or she is elected and they might have an opportunity to influence decisions.

Far and away the biggest donors to local candidates are real estate developers or from related industries, in some cases providing around 50 percent of the total raised.


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Yesterday was the deadline for candidates to file their lists of campaign revenues and expenses. We touched on it in a story in the print edition today, which is also elsewhere on this site.

Here, for your amusement, are the entire lists of contributors for each candidate. Each candidate’s total raised is listed by his or her name:

Suffolk borough

Bobby Ralph


James Adams, Peanut Combine, $1,000

John W. Brown, Developer, $1,000

Bill Keber, Ciba Chemicals, $500

Brian Mullens, Developer, $500

Clay White, car dealer, $500

Eddie White, car dealer, $500

Sherwin Turner, restaurant, $300

Scott Carr, Bank Executive, $250

Buddy Gadams, developer, $250

Bill Darden, Construction, $250

Bucky and Kay Hurley, retired, $250

Marcus Pollard, professor, $250

Lydia Duke, car dealer, $200

Michael Williams, Restaurant, $200

James Bielmann, friend, $150

Cabell Birdsong, stock broker, $150

Clilfton Harrell, Machine Shop, $150

Ronald H. Williams, City Treasurer, $150

George Barrow, retired, $100

Andrew Damiani, retired, $100

Larry Felton, retired, $100

Charles White, car dealer, $500

Thomas Hazelwood, Commissioner of the Revenue, $75

Blanche Rountree, retired, $75

Thomas E. Woodward III, banker, $75

George Barnett, retired, $50

Gail Pruden, banker, $50

Dave Arnold, attorney, $175

Phil Infantino III, attorney, $150

Pender & Coward, Law Firm, $500

Billy Chorey, Realtor, $100

Robert Williams, developer, $1000

George Birdsong, Peanut Industry, $100

Austin Darden Jr. retired, $150

Randy Brock, contractor, $500

Joe Goodman, retired, $100

Brian K. Holland, mortgage banker, $1000

Allen R. Gregor Jr., mortgage banker, $1,000

Robert House, Insurance Executive, $100

James E. Butler III, Butler Box Co., $100

Jack W. Nurney Jr., retired, $100

Driver Village Green, developer, $100

(Illegible) Corporation, developer, $100

Ruth Ann Felton, retired, $100

James E. Butler Jr., retired, $150

Joshua Pretlow Jr., attorney, $100

John C. Harrell, Suffolk Iron Works, $150

B.J. Willie, Insurance, $100

Tom (Illegible), friend, $50

Richard Conner, Restaurant, $300

Napolitano, Olivieri, Peterson, developer, $100

Terry Peterson Venture, developer, $100

Peterson Olivieri, developer, $100

Terry Peterson, developer, $100

Robert M. Hayes, realtor, $100

J. Ridgely Porter III, attorney, $100

N&N Land Company, developer, $700

Paul S. Winslow, paving contractor, $100

Burt Cutright, developer, $500

In-kind donations:

Ernest & Sandra Hefferon, use of home, $2,000

Steve & Margaret Gellas, Food and Food Service, $1,500

Mickey & Kelli Garcia, beverages, $1,500

Pender & Coward PC, supplies, $327.08.

Charles Parr ($8,073)

Back Bay Outdoors LLC, property management, $400

Burton Immobiliere Inc. realtor, $500

Shelly M. Case,

professor, $150

Richard E. Conner, grocer, $200

Interstate Auction of Virginia, auction, $200

Ronald D. Jordan, self-employed, $250

Joseph Dejulio Real Estate Acct., tax attorney, $1,000

Robert W. McCarty, McCarty’s Wheel Shop Inc., $500

N&N Land Co., real estate investment, $300

Sherman A. Vincent Insurance, Insurance, $200

Ira Steingold, attorney, $50

Charles E. White, car dealer, $500

Paris Zambas, retired, $200

Paris Zambas, retired, $200

Holy Neck Borough

Calvin W. Jones ($10,393)

Centre 800 LLC, construction/development, $500

Joseph Copeland, appraiser, $250

Linda Dickens, realtor, $1,000

Michael Haas, developer, $1,000

Jeanette Holland, Holland Produce, $150

Philip Infantino, attorney, $200

Linda Jones, city employee, $200

David Kelly, building contractor, $150

Ralph Nahra, retired, $500

Quality Homes, Inc., general contractor, $200

Dwight Schaubach, Johns Brothers Security, $500

In-Kind donations

Darren Schultz, Printed flyers for newspapers, $200

Jeffrey L. Gardy ($9,286)

America’s Best Storage LLC, mini storage, $500

American Timberland Co., modular home sales, $500

Back Bay Ourdoors LLC, property management, $200

Ricky Conner, Oliver’s Grocery, $200

Eddie R. Creekmore, Gyro Systems Co., $400

Irving Davis, D&G Enterprises, $300

Billy Fulgham, retired, $200

Jeffrey L. Gardy, lawyer, $1,000

Ken Hardy, dentist, $199

Mark Jernigan, mechanic, $200

Ronnie Jordan, Crown Cashew, $250

Johnny Leggett, real estate sales, $500

Thomas Moore, real estate broker, $500

N&N Land Co., land developer, $300

Curtis Phillips, Suffolk Hydraulics, $500

G. Stewart Tyler, appraiser, $200

Chuckatuck Borough

Joseph. H. Barlow ($11,363)

Michael Bakwin, businessman, $250

Joseph H. Barlow Sr., retired farmer, $150

Lynn B. Barlow, retired librarian, $150

William K. and Taylor R. Barlow, attorney & teacher, $200

George M. Blair, paving contractor, $250

John W. Brown, attorney, $1,000

C.R. Burch, contractor, $500

J. Samuel Glasscock, attorney, $250

Michael T. Haas, developer, $500

Philip & Jean Infantino, attorney & school principal, $150

Jeffrey Bruce Johnson, businessman, $200

Robert B. and Teresa C. Mullins, developers, $250

Wayne K. Sawyer, nurseryman, $500

D.C. and Jane G. Schaubach, developer, $500

William J. and Carole E. Smith, unknown, $110

Suffolk Towers LLC, rental property, $500

Robert T. Williams, developer, $500

Clarence J. and Addie M. Word, retired minister, $200

J. David Gray ($15,521)

C.W. Brinkley, contractor, $2,500

K.E. Hardy, dentist, $200

Richard B. Robins, seafood wholesaler, $500

In Kind Contributions

Graphic Techniques, mass mailing, $1,000

J. David Gray, photograph, $78.50

J. David Gray, Mass Mailing List, $57

J. David Gray, postage, $169.99

J. David Gray, postage, $390

J. David Gray, yard signs, $1,656.90

J. David Gray, billboards, $5,176.23

J. David Gray, food & Beverages, $269.43

J. David Gray, newspaper advertisement, $775.58

J. David Gray, postage, $666.01

J. David Gray, newspaper advertisement, $467.40

J. David Gray, postage, $666.01

The Parrish Agency, graphic design, $500

Mary E. Hill ($5,500)

C.R. Brock Contractor, contractor, $1,000

John Dodson Inc., convenience stores, $500

Mary Hill, self employed, $3,000

Roger Leonard, self-employed, $300

Schaubach Companies, security, $500

Suffolk Professional Fire & Rescue Inc., public service, $200

Cypress Borough

Charles Brown ($18,458)

Mr. and Mrs. David Arnold, attorney, $500

BECO, construction, $1,000

Bennett Creek Wholesale Nursery, nursery, $250

Canaan Properties, developer, $200

Centre 800, LLC, N/A, $500

Heston T. Crandon, Johnson Control Inc., $400

Allen Gregor, retired, $500

H.H. Hunt Communities, developer, $500

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hefferon, retired, $200

Hoggard and Eure Associates, law firm, $250

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Holland, mortgage broker, $500

John Holland, waste management, $500

Phil Infantino, attorney, $500

Livas Group Architects, architectural firm, $300

Main Street Jazz Restaurant, restaurant, $250

Mickey Garcia Development LLC, development, $500

North Main St. LLC, development, $1,000

PEMCCO Inc., construction, $250

Prentis LLC, N/A, $200

Quality Homes Inc., development, $250

River Edge Road inc., development, $3,000

Amanda Rodgers, retired, $200

Emmitt Smith, developer, $500

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Spicely, retired, $250

Lionell Spurill, delegate, $150

Mr. and Mrs. Myles Standish, consultant, $150

The Lawson Companies, development, $500

Top of Line Printing, printing, $200

The Rev. Carlton Upton, pastor, $200

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams, developer, $1,000

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams, attorney, $200

Gilbert Wirth, retired, $200

Wright’s Engineering, engineering firm, $250

In-Kind Contributions

Linda Bass, real estate broker, food and beverages, $1,339.63