The All-Herald football team

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 20, 2005

Player of the Year:

Kyle Jett, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

I always try to give this to a player who does everything solid, rather than one spectacular thing, and this one was a runaway. Jett was probably NSA’s best running back, and would have the honor hands-down if Tyler Van Selow weren’t around. But when Van Selow got the ball, Jett was there to block for him, and could catch if he had to. If that weren’t enough, Jett was also a defensive standout, and even handled most of the kicking duties this year.


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Quarterback: Sha’ka Miller, King’s Fork

Running backs: Dan Miller, King’s Fork, Tyler Van Selow, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Dontae’ Myrick, Lakeland

Receivers: Adam Gillette, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Darryl Freeney, Nansemond River

Offensive line: Aaron Schaubach, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, James Watson, Lakeland, Nathan Rodgers, Nansemond River

Kick returner: Jeffrey Cook, Lakeland

Kicker: Jacob Estienne, Lakeland


Linemen: Dane Fisher, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Brian Pisani, Nansemond River, Kodi Edmonds, King’s Fork, J.D. Duplain, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

Linebackers: Chris Boothe, Nansemond River, Daniel Rayman, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Adam Nash, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Perry King, Nansemond River

Back: Mark Jackson, Nansemond River, Cameron Evans, Nansemond River, Jonathan Simpson, King’s Fork

Punter: Alton Donovan, Nansemond River