Plans underway for Relay for Life

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 24, 2005

MURFREESBORO – It was an evening of fun, excitement and education as more than 45 people recently shared in the Sixth Annual Hertford-Gates Relay For Life 2006 kick off.

The group met at Metal Tech in Murfreesboro. They settled on April 28-29, 2006 for the date of the Relay for Life and it will take place at Chowan College in Murfreesboro.

At the meeting, the evening’s festivities began with refreshments provided by the committee members. Sharon Rose, Community Manager with the American Cancer Society shared information concerning increasing awareness throughout the community.

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Ray Felton, of Metal Tech, also shared a recent personal experience.

He said that while eating at a restaurant he met a young boy whose leg had been removed as a result of cancer.

Felton said he spoke with the youth and his parents, explaining that he was a cancer survivor himself. He asked them if they were aware of the American Cancer Society’s many services to cancer victims and their families.

He explained the American Cancer Society offers a variety of information and programs.

The Look Good…Feel Better Program is a free service for women with cancer that teaches beauty techniques to help enhance appearance and self-image during treatment.

There is also a program for men called &uot;Man to Man.&uot;

This ACS program helps men and their families cope with prostate cancer by providing patient education, support to patients and family members, and awareness of prostate cancer as a major health concern for all men.

&uot;I Can Cope&uot; is another program that shows cancer

patients and loved ones how to cope with their cancer experience by increasing their knowledge, positive attitudes, and skills in a supportive environment

Felton also told the parents that because their son is a cancer survivor the American Cancer Society would offer him a scholarship when he is ready for college.

Bonnie Langdale, Chairperson for the Relay,

advised everyone that the Hertford-Gates Relay For Life is extremely grateful to Chowan College for allowing them to have such a wonderful place to hold the 2005 Relay.

She added that many other Relays across the nation were not as fortunate to have such a great place to hold their events.

&uot;Many events have to pay large amounts of money for a place to hold their Relays&uot; Langsdale said. &uot;Chowan College has been a wonderful part of Hertford-Gates Relay since it’s beginning in 2001.&uot;

She also shared the great news that the sidewalks throughout the Relay area in Squirrel Park had been repaved and they look great for the ’06 event.

Maria Evans, Co-Chair shared results from the ’05 Relay For Life.

&uot;Hertford-Gates raised $221,360,&uot; said Evans. &uot;This put the Hertford-Gates Relay For Life fourth in the Nation in our population category.&uot;

Evans said the 2006 goals for Hertford-Gates Relay have been set with the Luminary goal at $17,600, and the Corporate sponsor goal is $44,500. The total goal for

the ’06 Hertford-Gates Relay is $223,000. They also set a

goal for the total number of

teams at 40.

Evelyn Rawls, Accounting Chair, advised that teams have already turned in more than $21,000 this year.