Paper, writer, should come clean on relationship

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The article in the Nov. 24 News-Herald written by David Arnold as written says what the title indicates, and I must state I cant believe that Mr. Arnold would write such an article and talk about close connections between Mr. Garcia and the city council when he fails to state that as I understand it, he has or is providing legal services and advice to Mr. Garcia.

A very good article it is in deed and it neither shows nor displays any bias at all. So please, whenever possible continue the questioning of the city and it’s special interest friends on the whats, whos and hows of the conduct of local government.

I can’t believe that the SNH didn’t bring this to the forefront for the citizens to know if this is an accurate question and or statement, or the truth. If not then I withdraw the question and the remark and hope that the SNH will explain any and all connections between Mr. Garcia and Mr. Arnold as to clarify what the taxpaying, citizens of Suffolk should want to know and hopefully will know.


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If not the SNH, maybe Mr. Arnold would take the time in his next article to explain his position, comments and connections if any to Mr. Garcia.

A.C. Volper

Houston, Texas