Suffolk finishes behind Trashmore

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Suffolk finished second in a meet with the Tri-City Aquatics Club Saturday at the Mount Trashmore YMCA.

Will Arcand, Curtis Oliver, Amanda Petroski and Samantha Barbour were second in Mixed 9-10 medley relay action, and Casey Kaufman, Sarah Bean, Alex Petersen and Andrew Wingrove got second in the 15-18 event. Jesse Tillman was second in the girls 6U freestyle, and Julia Tillman was second in the 7-8. Samantha Barbour notched second in the 9-10. Alex Petersen was the first Gator to take a race, as he and Andrew Wingrove were first and second in the 13-14.

Taylor Berard started off breastroke competition by winning the girls 8U, and Kendell Effler was second in the 11-12. Alex Petersen was second in the 13-14, and Andrew Wingrove won the 15-18. Taylor Berard also began individual medley competition with a 8U victory, and David Forman won the boys 8U. Will Arcand and Jarrad Lynn were first and second in the 9-10, and Sarah Bean took the 13-14.


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Ashley Petroski, Carissa Bean, Jesse Tillman and Ella Bronaugh won the Mixed 6U free relay, and Julia Tillman, Jordan Stockman, David Forman and Taylor Berard were second in 7-8. Will Arcand, Amanda Petroski, Curtis Oliver and Samantha Barbour got second in 9-10, and Andrew Wingrove, Sarah Bean, Casey Kaufman and Alex Petersen were second in 13-14.

Jesse Tillman won the girls 6U freestyle, and Julia Tillman was second in 7-8. David Forman was second in boys 7-8, T.J. Paull

in 11-12, Alex Petersen in 13-14 and Antonio Petersen in 15-18.

Patrick Giley was second in boys 6U backstroke, and Jena Arajo was second in girls 7-8. Samantha Barbour and Curtis Oliver won the 9-10s. Taylor Berard took second in the girls 8U fly, and Samantha Barbour and Curtis Oliver second in the 9-10 races. Andrew Wingrove won the 13-14.