Dismiss Vick

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 9, 2006

I am incensed over the Gator Bowl incident. Not incensed over the actions of Marcus Vick in stomping of a Louisville player; we can expect no less from a practicing criminal, but over the Virginia Tech officials inaction.

This bozo is attending a prime college being prepared for a multi-million dollar career on our tax money. We, the Virginia taxpayers, are footing the bill for his future and he does not have the sense or decency to act like a human being.

It is a travesty that the college officials are allowed to spend our money to support the likes of Vick. Marcus Vick


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should have been expelled from Virginia Tech when he broke the law in 2003-04.

The athletic director and the president should be chastised for the schools condoning of Vicks behavior.

Vick should be summarily dismissed from the school and Frank Beamer contract should be reviewed for possible cancellation.

This incident only enhances the acceptance of foul behavior by both college officials and brainless hunks of beef recruited to play college sports.

Tech alumni associations and team-fan clubs should be up in arms over these actions of the officials of our schools.

Virginians have always stood for fair play and honesty. We should accept no less from those who run our schools and those who avail themselves of our largess, no matter how for they can pass or jump.

Macon N. Sanford