Help us push Cheer Fund over the top

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 9, 2006

It’s up to a community to take care of its own.

In Suffolk, there are thousands of people who do not have the means to provide for themselves or their families. It’s up to the rest of us to give them a helping hand.

That’s how people are judged, by how well they take care of those who are unable to do so for themselves.

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Once again this year, Suffolk residents have passed this test with flying colors through their generous contributions to the Suffolk Cheer Fund. As of this writing, $39,500 had been donated toward the fund’s goal of $45,000. We hope the community can dig even deeper to push us over the top.

After several years of falling short of the goal, we reached the goal during the 2004-05 campaign and we don’t want to stop that momentum. While $45,000 is our highest goal ever, we feel confident that when all is said and done, we will have reached it again.

The News-Herald will continue to publicize the fund and accept donations until the goal is met.

It’s so important that the money be in place. Members of the South Hampton Roads Association of Insurance Financial Advisors, the folks that run the Toys for Tots program in Suffolk, have to have the money in place by spring to buy the massive amount of toys needed to serve all the needy children of our community. The need was bigger than ever this year, and we have every reason to anticipate it will be even bigger next year.

Without these folks, the dozens of volunteers who help organize and deliver toys, and you, there would be many, many sad children on Christmas … and we can’t let that happen.

We at the News-Herald and Cheer Fund, once again, want to say a sincere thank you for your generous support this year and make one final appeal for a little extra to put us over the goal.

You may send your donation to the Cheer Fund, c/o the Suffolk News-Herald, P.O. Box 1220, Suffolk, Va. 23434, or hand deliver it to our office at 130 S. Saratoga St.