We got our new paper on the street Tuesday, but it wasn’t easy.

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 29, 2006

As we expected, there were several font issues that had us resending pages over and over again to our production facility and had it not been for their patience and willingness to help, we never would have gotten it on the street.

Nevertheless there were things that didn’t come out as planned and some things, one on the front page, that didn’t come out at all, but since nobody had seen the design nobody knew it but us.

I was generally pleased with the results and I hope you were, too.


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All but one thing, that is.

Four of us &uot;newspaper professionals&uot; with a combined approximately 50 years in the business proofed the front page to make sure everything was right. It was one of the few times I’ve gone to bed in the past few decades feeling reasonably confident we weren’t going to have any glaring errors, at least on the front page.

Yeah, right.

My wife, who has been terribly sick, medicated to the gills, groggily took one look at the front page I handed her while beaming with pride, and she said, &uot;This is wrong.&uot;


There, just above the photo of artist Ed Hatch, right beneath where it says Suffolk News-Herald, a small headline said &uot;Pick you medium.&uot; Instead of the correct, &uot;Pick YOUR medium.&uot;

That’s terribly demoralizing. Anyway, life goes on.

We had a little &uot;event&uot; Tuesday morning at Art’s Kitchen to introduce the new look to some friends and advertisers, all of whom seemed to react favorably to it. I hope you did, too.

Please feel free to offer feedback. I fully anticipate us having to make some changes in response to suggestions.

One new thing we’re doing that I think is really neat is the ‘Rules to Live By&uot; piece at the bottom of page 2. It features a different city code section each day. It’s interesting. And there’s enough of it, too, that we could run one every day for the next 10 years and not run the same one twice. Do we really need that many laws?

I think it was Lee Trevino who once said something to the effect that the rules of golf should be able to be printed on a matchbook cover…but then we wouldn’t have anything to put in the paper.