New computer virus feared

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 3, 2006

Douglas Grant

Personal computer owners and users beware — there is a new virus out there set to attack your files today.

According to published reports, the virus, called Kama Sutra, is a worm that attaches itself to emails, and once launched, begins eliminating files from the system.


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In addition, it is also programmed to do the same thing on the third day of subsequent months.

The bug, which is thought to have already attacked as many as 50,000 systems on the other side of the world, can cause the keyboard, mouse and other systems to freeze up, thus not allowing the operator to stop it.

The virus was first detected in New Zealand on Jan. 17, where one Internet provider reports blocking more than 3,000 suspected emails that day alone.

Computer experts say the virus can be sent under many names, such as Nysem-D, MyWife.E, BlackmailE, and Kama Sutra worm.

Subject lines in suspected emails may contain verbiage such as Hot Movie, Miss Lebanon 2006 or Fw:Sexy.

Those familiar with the virus say homeowners and small businesses are most likely to be targeted as the larger companies have sophisticated anti-virus protection in place

Should you receive an email with any of these names attached, experts say to delete them immediately and never open any attachment unless the source of the email is known. Those same experts also recommend updating one’s anti-virus protection program, or obtaining one if none exists on the system.