We had an interesting Sound Off item in the paper today (934-9616) about the comprehensive plan meetings last week.

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 3, 2006

The sound offer made an interesting observation, that the plan appeared to be a &uot;done deal.&uot;

I figure she’s right. Neither you nor I are going to get the opportunity to vote up or down on the plan, at least as I understand it. It needs only to receive the OK of the planning commission (which may have already happened) and city council and then it will be official.

So if there’s something that concerns you – like the 1,000 homes that will magically appear south of downtown along with the costly road connector – you need to get in touch with your city council representative.


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While overall, I think the plan is a good one and should be adopted, that whole deal south of downtown just doesn’t smell real good to me.

What has changed since the first plan was adopted to make residential development south of downtown desirable? I’ve yet to hear an explanation, other than just a couple council members want it – hardly a solid basis for mapping out our city’s future.

Anyway, Joe Barlow is my councilman. I’m going to call him about it. You should call yours.