Not funny

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 3, 2006

My son’s funny and he’s interested in comedy. On Thursday, I saw in the Pilot that comedian Brian Regan was going to be at Chrysler Hall on Friday. I had never heard of Regan, but it looked like a good bonding opportunity for me and the boy.

Frankly, I wasn’t real excited about seeing him. The Pilot described him as a clean comic and I just wasn’t too hopeful.

I couldn’t believe that tickets were $33 apiece. I rarely pay for tickets to anything, choosing instead to extort them from various venues by virtue of being employed by a newspaper. Not really, but they are offered from time to time and no more than I go out and do things like that, there are usually free review tickets available.

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This time, however, we paid. It was my first trip to Chrysler Hall and it’s a great venue.

The show, however, was disappointing. I’m a big a fan of comedy and I’ve seen lots of comedians on television. This guy’s just not funny.

Regan performed for a little over an hour and I did not laugh a single time, though I did smile a few times. I think the problem was that his jokes did not have punch lines, or at least not punch lines in the traditional sense, which I think are supposed to include a touch of humor. They were merely delivered in a stupid voice. It was more annoying than funny because about half the time I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Adam didn’t care for it much either. I heard him emit a slight hint of a laugh two or three times, but I think he felt the same as I.

That wasn’t the case with everyone else, though, who appeared to love Regan, literally cracking up every time he did one of his weird voices or walks. And, of course, adding to our enjoyment was a guy sitting behind us n likely president of the Hampton Roads chapter of the Brian Regan Fan Club n who harmonized every joke with Regan, loudly, and delivering the punch line before the comedian could.

The Pilot preview was correct. Regan did not utter a single profanity, which I couldn’t help but admire, but I think I would gladly sacrifice some taste in return for some humor, particularly at $33 a ticket.