Civil War Weekend 2006 is now history.

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 9, 2006

The dire predictions of some have not materialized, despite attempts to have a boycott of same. The future of this event, in some minds, is in doubt. Have no fear of this happening!

The reenactors who portray both North and South are dedicated to the fact of bringing history alive to the present generation. In fact, the reenactors who were present all came from the XVIII Corps based at Endview. It is the intention to instill pride in what it took to make this nation.

For those who are uninformed, reenactors do so as either Grey or Blue, depending on the needs of the event. A true reenactor knows his or her history and will impart same without bias or a partisian outlook.


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Both sides are covered; it is the war – States rights, Northern agression, farmers in the South, industry in the North, 9 million vs. 21 million, the effect on the Union Army after the Emancipation Procamation. Southern Pride is addressed.

This is part of every reenactors store of knowlege.

It is 141 years since Appomattox. Yet the lost-cause-mentality prevails. Let it go and celebrate our common history. Just as those brave men, South and North, who came together and moved on to forge what we enjoy today. It’s freedom in the greatest nation, born in blood and sacrifice on many fields. The bloodiest being in that great war we celebrate in Civil War Days – the United States.

Tom Lord