This major deserves our salute

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 9, 2006

If you are like many people, you are tired of seeing those “heroes” that children look up to fall flat on their face. You know the ones — sports figures in particular — accused of or found guilty of taking illegal drugs, using steroids to build their physiques, being charged with rape, and many other things.

And after seeing too many of these losers, you have probably just about given up on finding somebody for your child to emulate.

Well, have faith.


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There is a woman in Alaska who is deserving of your and your child’s respect, and somebody that would be a great role model, especially for young girls.

Her name is Katrina Pillow, and she is a major in the Alaska Army National Guard. And beyond that, she is also the first black woman to ever command that unit of men and women.

One does not get to such a pinnacle without hard work and dedication to their country and themselves.

Maj. Pillow’s nickname should be “Maj. Pillar” as she stands tall for what she has been able to achieve.

We congratulate the major and wish her and her troops the best as they prepare to leave the comforts of home for Iraq later this year.