30 Years Ago

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 14, 2006

Sleepy Lakes development OK’d

The Suffolk Planning Commission on the recommendation of a special study committee approved preliminary plat approval for further development of three sections within the Sleepy Lakes subdivision.

The sections in question are located off Route 17 between Bridge Road and Crittenden Road across from Cedar Point subdivision.


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The committee also recommended that the water lines planned for the new subdivision be deeded to the city at no cost. That would allow for the new subdivision’s water lines be connected to a private well system until a city water system is developed in the area.

While the committee also recommended that the subdivision not be required to install dry sewer lines because they would be cost prohibitive, Public Utilities Director, E. Wayne Rountree, said that it would be less expensive to install the sewers now, before the subdivision is completed.

Burglar hit three locations

Burglars made off with $1,600 worth of home furnishings and merchandise in three unrelated breaking and entering incidents recently. On Monday, David Williamson came home to find that burglars had ransacked his house on Bridge Road, and took more than $400 worth of valuables.

Samuel Johnson of Marlin Lane reported that an eight track component system, valued at $250, was missing from his house when he returned from work.

Sam Perry, of Windsor, reported that a massive break-in resulted in thieves taking $946 in merchandise from Perry’s Clubhouse, which he owns, at Lake Drummond. He said the break-in probably occurred sometime between June 5 and June 12. Among the stolen items was a Johnson 40 horsepower outboard motor, a trolling motor, a ship’s clock, stainless steel cooking utensils, and many other items. Suffolk police have several leads after talking to several residents in the area.

Open or closed

Confusion seemed to be the only certain thing in trying to find out whether the public and press will be allowed into tonight’s meeting between the School Board and the Education Association of Suffolk. The meeting, scheduled for 7:30 was called to discuss several issues between the two groups.

Mrs. Thelma Norfleet, president of the EAS, in no uncertain terms, told the News-Herald that its reporter would be less than welcome at the meeting. She said the reason was that certain issues between the EAS and the board were better discussed in private.

School officials, however, said this morning that it would be the School Board who would make the final decision, not Mrs. Norfleet, as to whether the meeting will be open. They said that their meetings must be open unless matters of personnel were to be discussed.

Certain to come up will be the issue of proposed cuts in the school Board Budget due to the shortfall in money being provided b the city. There will be a cutback in personnel, no hiring of additional teachers, cutbacks in equipment and supplies, and no major salary increases.