City Council was right

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 21, 2006

City Council members did the right thing Wednesday in kicking back the city manager’s proposed seven-cent reduction budget. They had asked to see a budget showing a 15-cent reduction in the tax rate and that is what they should see.

It is natural for city managers and department heads to want all the revenue they can get their hands on to improve the city and make their jobs easier. There comes a point, however, when their desire is at odds with many peoples’ realities. It would appear that time has been reached in Suffolk.

While city government and school board employees seem to be able count on annual 4 percent-plus pay increases, it’s not that way in the private sector, particularly for those who have retired and are living out their golden years on fixed incomes.


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Even with a 15-cent reduction in the tax rate, the average property owner would be facing an approximately 9 percent increase in the taxes compared to last year. That would seem to be an ample amount to ask them to sacrifice. If anymore sacrifice is required, it needs to come from the peoples’ servants.

If asked to choose between a better-paid teacher for Suffolk students or having the money to pay for skyrocketing gasoline and rising interest payments, many would choose the latter n at least that’s what they’ve apparently been telling their elected representatives on council.