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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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A close look at the council representatives for the Holy Neck Borough, in particular, reveals a pattern of an “easy-come, easy-go” mentality shared by a number of district voters. Let’s take a look at the list of elected representatives for Holy Neck:

Ed Felton 1974


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Enoch C. Copeland 1978

Harold Kidd 1982

Enoch C. Copeland 1986

Roy F. Walker 1990

Thomas G. Underwood 1994

Rufus Powell 1998

Calvin Jones 2002

Voting them in and voting them out just because they may not have found answers to all of your problems in four years may be detrimental to all of the district residents and voters. Unless the member has committed an illegal act, been totally unresponsive to our pleas for help, of has been accused of malfeasance, the constant turnover doesn’t allow the members the opportunity to really learn what they’re supposed to be doing or how to do it well.

Once they begin to work on beneficial projects and programs for the district, they have been voted out of office and we have to start all over again with a new and inexperienced representative.

Holy Neck needs a person who is able to focus on the needs of all of the constituents. Our councilman needs to be able to form coalitions, network with his colleagues, and work with all of our city and state officials to formulate programs and projects of benefit to district residents and to every Suffolk resident, as well.

Each councilman has one vote and he will need to have other members of council support his endeavors.

Do we need a representative who is focused on his own agenda and comes into office with old, unproven solutions for modern-day problems?

Perhaps it has taken 32 years for Holy Neck residents to finally find the right man for the work that needs to be done. Let some of the facts be submitted to a candid world.

n Sewer to the Holland Village in the Capital Improvement Plan, along with Oakridge East.

n Water and sewer upgrades to occur in Holland Village and Oakridge,

n Efforts to provide funding for the Nansemond County Training School, a Rosenwald school with Virginia landmark status and listing on the National Registry of Historic places.

Caring, concerned and committed to Holy Neck — his name is Calvin Jones

Mae Burke