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Not scientific and not meant to be

In Friday’s edition, the News-Herald asked readers to go to our Web site and cast their vote in the Suffolk Borough race between incumbent Mayor Bobby Ralph and challenger Charles Parr. The results of that poll are elsewhere on this page.

Today’s poll seeks opinion on the Chuckatuck race among incumbent Joe Barlow and challengers J. David Gray and Mary Hill. Sunday will feature the Holy Neck race between incumbent Calvin Jones and Jeffrey Gardy.

A few thoughts on this poll:

We make no pretense that our online poll is scientific (it is not) or an accurate reflection of the how Suffolk Borough voters will vote on Tuesday (It’s possible, but not likely). It is merely the opinion, in today’s case, of about 60 of the nearly 4,000 visitors to our site on Friday. For all we know, they could be residents of Timbuktu.

Our only goal in publishing it is to focus attention on the election in the hope that people will come out to vote n and to have a little fun in the process.