School boards across the nation approve health policy

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 29, 2006

School boards across the country have put into force a policy aimed at encouraging student-healthy lifestyle changes to head off the nation’s epidemic of childhood obesity. The Child Nutrition Act required such a policy be established by the beginning of the 2006 school year.

Some big numbers frightened Congress; nearly 400,000 adults die every year due to unhealthy diets and lack of exercise … those were likely voters. And, as they put it, &uot;overweight children are less likely to achieve academic success.&uot;

This overdue policy includes goals for nutrition and physical activity and will be incorporated into all schools curriculums. This means out with the soda machines, and cafeterias menus will change drastically to eliminate fat content. If kids want Twinkies, they will have to sneak them into the schools via backpacks, just as they would guns and knives. I expect there will be a &uot;pastry security team&uot; at all school entrances.


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I was taught early in life that leaders lead best by example. Which means it was OK for Enron officers to steal millions because employees were stealing paperclips.

Remember, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Let’s start with president Bush, Congress, and staffs to make certain all are following good nutritional guidelines and obligate them to jump on the scales at regular intervals …t hat’s the top of the pyramid. Then we can rightfully go after the schools.

Begin with the superintendents and the school boards; examine them for fitness and proper lifestyles. I don’t mean run them over an obstacle course; just be sure the students can point to them with pride and say, &uot;I want to be like them.&uot;

You see, now we are getting into it … next is all school administrations down to include assistant principals. Check their body mass.

This next group is the teachers; nationwide we have hoards of them. Should they advocate nutrition unless they believe in it and practice it? If you teach math without a math background, the students will eat your lunch.

And who could set a better example than parents? When one gets on a plane, carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead rack or be checked. That goes for teachers and parents, no exceptions … they must fit in the rack unless we also give students variances. It’s all about health.

And certainly the nation’s nutritionists must be checked for love handles.

No laughing matter

Is our city spokesperson dodging the press? OK, so he’s a little embarrassed, but he’s not at fault. It was that &uot;jump the gun&uot; city department, or just another booboo.

The city had to write a second check to Frank Sheffer. For some reason it was hurry, hurry take his building down and he’ll settle for what we offered. I say “we,” because he was paid with our money that had been &uot;confiscated&uot; by the treasurer.

They expected to get away with $105,000, but Sheffer wanted a fair price and the city had to pony up another $127,500. But what am I laughing at … again it was our money.

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