William Whitely

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 29, 2006

Incumbent, Chuckatuck Borough

Q. What are the top three educational issues facing your constituents?

A. Continue to keep all of our schools accredited by the State Department of Education, keep good teachers in Suffolk by having competitive salary scales with surrounding school divisions, and offer more advanced and alternative programs for our students.

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Q. What are the top three issues facing the school division as a whole?

A. We will continue to have the need to provide modern facilities for our ever increasing student enrollment, to keep our good teachers in Suffolk, and more realistic alternative programs for average students.

Q. What do you plan to do to address these issues?

A. City Council has been very supportive of the school system. The School Board will continue to work with City Council to meet the needs of all students in the City of Suffolk.

Q. Some say the school system has stopped teaching our children and is focusing too much on the Standards of Learning. Superintendent Liverman has suggested the possibility in the past of Suffolk opting out of No Child Left Behind. What are your thoughts?

A. The people that have made that assumption should visit the classrooms and see for themselves what is taking place.

I feel that our students are being offered a well-rounded education. I believe the superintendent made that suggestion because of lack of funding by the federal government.

Q. Taxes have been skyrocketing in Suffolk and the schools eat up an ever-larger portion of that money. How would you respond to those who claim taxes are too high and the schools should look for ways to cut expenses?

A. The growth rate in Suffolk has also been skyrocketing and with growth the tax base is increased. With growth also comes the increase demands for all services in the city and not just the school system.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to address or share with voters?

A. Left blank.