Meeting time conflicts with reader#8217;s individual values

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

I am considered a citizen of this growing community and, in many ways, proud to be. But I bear questions and ask for answers to a reasonable request.

First, is tradition normal or normal a tradition? The reason I ask is because being spiritually led is a personal conflict to gathering political information.

Second, therefore, I ask should gaining information of the Bible mean a choice of not being present to get true in-depth answers on the political agenda for city and citizen concerns?


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Third, how come no one ever asks to have a council meeting — or any meeting dealing with city and citizen concerns — moved from Wednesday evening to an evening that does not conflict with citziens having to make a choice with God?

If you have not figured out the request I am writing about, it is Wednesday Night Bible Study (for a majority of churches).

Finally, I ask, can I be a student of Christian learning and a citizen of interest to political agendas without my individual values being at war?

Maybe that is the point on having meetings on the same night to maintain separation of church and state.

I was just wondering and would appreciate a response to my reqeust.

Wong-ya G. Jones Sr.