Touching a nerve

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 3, 2006

Thanks to all for their participation yesterday at this site and for the wonderful insights. We seem to have touched a nerve. It seemed as if each posting was better than the one before it. How cool is that?

For a bunch of hypocrites, pontificators and what was it … ah, yes, blowhards, as one writer described those who are weighing in here, there sure seems to be a lot of brains out there in our community and I hope school and city officials are tuning in.

I can’t help but think that they are and that’s what makes people like the one who offered up the aforementioned insults so angry: Things are changing in Suffolk; they are unable to control it anymore or even frame the debate for that matter, it seems; and that drives them nuts.

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Circling the wagons and lashing out is a natural response.

Much of what has been written here in the past few days is too good to be left to cyberspace and I hope to start clearing some space for it in the print edition.

He or she was right about one thing, though: There are many diverse points of view on most issues and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right or wrong, or intelligent or stupid, just different. All deserve respect, all are worthy of being publicly aired and most importantly, all are worthy of consideration by the “deciders” in our community.

Don’t let people try to fool you into thinking that it’s “us vs. them,” it’s just “us.” I for one welcome the input of those who were on the short end of the election or even those who just don’t like me. (Yes, Mom, it appears there are some, hard to believe, I know) Don’t we all just want a better Suffolk? All are welcome here.

The sudden realization that all viewpoints are valid is a promising development. That has not always been the case in Suffolk. The issues and challenges that face us are complex. Despite what some might have you think, all wisdom does not emanate from the Professional Building or 441 Market Street and folks are obviously not entirely satisfied with how things have been operating in our city. As we prepare to seat a new city council and school board, the time is right to start seriously considering all points of view. And as the activity on this site in recent days suggests, there are lots of them out there. Good ones, too.