A salute to the young people

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 3, 2006

I would like to give a salute and shout out to some of the young people that live in Suffolk.

I am a senior citizen who lives in Suffolk. This may not be a remarkable incident to some of the people of Suffolk, but to me it is very remarkable, because without their help, I could have been hit by a car or injured in just trying to get up; but thank God for these people.

On Thursday, May 11, I fell on Washington Street in front of Tashmar’s Hair Salon. I never realized how concerned and caring the people of Suffolk are about each other. There were two young men who work for the City of Suffolk who stopped to help me. These young men could have just looked and kept moving, but they took time out of their busy schedule to help me get up, into my car and on my way.


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The employees and patrons of Tashmar’s were so kind and friendly as they helped me. They were truly concerned about my welfare and I want them to know that I appreciate it so much. They were so concerned that they insisted that I contact them when I was safely home.

I was slightly shook up after the fall and I don’t remember if I said a proper “thank you,” but I want all of them to know that their kindness will not be forgotten and I am so very thankful for their help on that day.

Annette G. Ruffin