66 Years Ago

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 14, 2006

City residences get decorated

Those who have entered their names for the outdoor Christmas lighting contest sponsored by the Retail Merchants Association are as follows:

C. B. Pond, Mrs. R. E. Brothers, Mrs. James C. Causey, Jr., Mrs. George Balance, Mrs. O. R. Yates, Mrs. R. R. Harrell, Mrs. W. B. Allen, Mrs. Claude Eley, Mrs. G. Lloyd Bell, Mrs. J. C. Darden, Mrs. L. H. Cathey, Mrs. H. V. Hooper, Mrs. C. B. Pond, Jr., Mrs. Quinby Hines, Mrs. Frank Butler, Mrs. Henry Crocker, Mrs. Hall Birdsong, Mrs. Harvard Birdsong, Mrs. Tom Whitfield, Mrs. John E. Austin, Mrs. C. B. Godwin, Mrs. G. A. Harris, E. W. Simpson, and Lakeview Hospital.


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In order that others may be able to participate in the contest, the RMA has extended the time for entries until Monday, Dec. 23.

Prevent fires during season

In the interest of fire prevention and the assurance of all Suffolk against the possibility of Christmas being marred by fires that would cause damages and possibly deaths or injuries, James H. Bangley, Fire Department Chief today issued the following statement:

“In the interest of safety in the home at Christmas time we urge the owners of Christmas trees to observe the following safety rules:

Avoid lighted candles in the decoration of the tree. Use carefully wired electric lights.

Place tree a safe distance from stove or fireplace.

Use metal tinsel for trim and mica or flake asbestos for imitation snow.

Cotton trimming and cotton whiskered Santa Clauses are very dangerous. Santa suits and whiskers can be made fire-resistive by dipping or spraying with 15% solution of ammonia.

Cheer Fund gifts break record with $680.86 reported

Late yesterday afternoon the gifts to the Cheer Fund had soared up to a record high for all time of $680.86. Never in the history of Suffolk’s greatest united charity movement has the fund reached such a figure.

And because of these generous donations there will be no cause for unhappiness this Christmas in this prosperous Peanut City. Christmas Day will be shared with plenty of cheer and good will.

There is still one more day before the Cheer Fund closes its appeal. Those desiring to give are asked to have their donations in by noon tomorrow. The packing of the baskets will begin at that time.

Christmas Party held for local Girl Scouts at Woman’s Club

The Girl Scouts of Suffolk were entertained at a Christmas party Friday night at the Woman’s Club Home at which time pins were presented to the leaders and prizes were awarded by Mrs. Harvey M. Butler, to the following for selling the most cookies during “Cookie Week.”

Winning Troop: Brownie Troop with Mrs. George Koenig and Miss Mary Cross Jordan as leaders. The individual prizes went to Betty Lee January for the Brownies and Jane Hines for the troop.

Mrs. A. C. Patterson, commissioner, welcomed the guests then introduced Mrs. Don C. Smith in a Christmas story.