It#8217;s never too late to enjoy life and fulfill your dreams

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2006

President George Bush turned 60 on last Thursday. It made me realize how fast time is flying.

Reality checks that took place as the weekend progressed gave my senior citizen classification hope for a bright future and my realizing for the umpteenth time that age ain’t nothing but a number.

I assume that the stages of life are from an infant to a child, then to a teen, young adult, middle-age person and to the final stage of living as a senior citizen. Living in that final stage is what I try not to think about.

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I do try to think of the 60s as being the new 40s. That is what I tell some people who ask me when am I going to slow down. I tell them I don’t want to slow down. I will continue to lead an active life as long as I can in my new 40s age; and along with my many organizations and travel, occasionally continue to work out at the “Y” and dance, dance, dance.

So now let’s get back to reality checks of other seniors.

The first voice I heard on Thursday morning was a reporter on the TV asking First Lady Laura Bush what changes has she seen in the President since he turned 60. She responded that he has more gray hair and doctors also said that he is in excellent shape.

On another morning show last Saturday, a segment came on the tube about older women fighting for the right to shed it all. The introduction went something like this. “When you think of pin-up girls, you probably think of gorgeous, confident and young; but all of this is changing.”

The segment then named the following 60 and over women who have shared their nude bodies with the public: Joan Collins, Farrah Faucett, Kathleen Turner and Dianne Keaton. They announced that Sophia Loren, who is in her middle 70s, will share her nudeness in a magazine that will be on news stands, I think this month.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with this type of behavior, young or old. But it does make me realize that a woman can look sexy and beautiful at any age.

One of my club sisters, who is a member of Tabernacle UCC on East Washington Street, had been asking me to attend her church since they have moved into their new location.

My sister, Shirley Lee, and I did attend this past Sunday.

To my surprise, it was Senior Citizens’ Day, with the Rev. Joseph M. Copeland serving as guest pastor. He is also Pastor Emeritus of Zion United Church of Christ.

When he retired in 1992, I attended his retirement banquet, given in his honor by his congregation in Norfolk at the Holiday Inn, and did an article on him. What coincidences concerning seniors this weekend!

In his opening statement, Copeland, 84, told the congregation that at his age he can’t run 100 yards in 10 seconds flat, but he can still start it.

He then demonstrated how much energy he still has by running from one end of the pulpit to the other at times during his sermon.

The sermon also conveyed God’s promise of a better life beyond this one and the fact that we are blessed to have lived lives long enough to reach the status of becoming senior citizens.

At the end of the service, each senior citizen attending was asked to pick up a bag filled with a variety of gifts.

When I arrived home, I immediately opened my bag and viewed the contents. Then I thought; gee, it isn’t so bad being a senior citizen after all.

Wall is a former News-Herald reporter and regular contributor to the Town Square Page.