Lights go out downtown

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2006

Following is a missive from a reader recounting an evening meal out at Baron’s Pub. I’m not sure of the point, but it sounds like the restaurant staff handled the situation well:

“While having an evening meal at Baron’s Pub, the lights went out for most of the downtown block. Patron’s at the restaurant didn’t seem to mind as the food still arrived from the kitchen but the TV’s were silent as was the jukebox.

“Everyone expected the lights to return in a few minutes but they didn’t. Soon the doors were propped open allowing the cooler evening air to filter inside. By eight-thirty the interior was fairly dark yet the the patrons and the staff waited patiently. Cell phones and pocket penlights provided light when needed to complete transactions. Just another adventure in surprising Suffolk.”

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Sounds to me like a pleasant evening. Maybe some of those experienced this went home and decided not to turn the TV on and just sit around and talk? We don’t need all these modern conveniences to enjoy ourselves, though I do like the A/C.