Wanted: A few new sources

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2006

I was hoping to have a lot of dirt to dish up here today in the wake of yesterday’s City Council Investiture, but it was not to be.

Any time there are so many movers and shakers gathered in one place such as was the case Wednesday, you can usually pick up lots of juicy bits of news. And I’m sure there was plenty of speculation and prognosticating going on after council members unanimously elected Linda Johnson as the city’s first woman mayor and Curtis Milteer as the vice mayor. But those important developments were far overshadowed by what didn’t happen.

Readers of this space knew weeks ago that Johnson’s and Milteer’s elections were a done deal. Sources close to the situation, who I trusted implicitly, kept me regularly updated on what was being said in the mornings at the West Constance Road Hardees over sausage biscuits.

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These same sources, however, also assured me that council would give City Manager Steve Herbert his walking papers at this meeting. In fact, this was the second time my sources had prematurely predicted Mr. Herbert’s demise. I was also tipped off back in May at the meeting in which Milteer raised the no-confidence vote that the city manager would not be employed at the end of that day.

Didn’t happen then either.

Sounds like I may need some new sources.

Council did set a meeting for next Wednesday to discuss council appointees, whatever in the heck that means.

Anyway, after Mrs. Johnson adjourned the meeting, I decided to head back to the comfort of my air conditioned office.

The heat in council chambers was virtually unbearable. Fortunately, I had a USA Today with me with which I could fan myself and was thus able to sustain consciousness. There was a reception following the meeting at Riddick’s Folly, but I seem to remember the last reception there for then Mayor Ralph and that council being rather warm so I stayed away.

Besides, I didn’t feel I needed to talk to people who apparently didn’t know any more about what was going on than I did. So despite their success in predicting the outcome of the mayoral election, I need sources who bat better than .500.

I wonder what take on the situation the guys at Ed’s Place have?