Readers supports altering sexual offenders

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 14, 2006

The question was, do you think Virginia should castrate sexual offenders?

Yes! Yes!


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However, I am also concerned about &uot;changing the brain&uot; as a possible end to the sickness which a sex offender must


I believe that a person who has been abused, themselves may become the sex offenders!

I also believe that an alteration to the brain, medically or otherwise, must become a part of the total treatment.

I can visualize a sex offender using an inanimate object to molest or abuse a child.

This really concerns me with the overall treatment of a sex offender.

I also believe that

a &uot;brand&uot; of some kind, or some way that all of society can recognize a sex offender, should be implemented.

Data bases are good for persons who are computer literate, however, how

about the unsuspecting persons?

An injection, which would last for a certain period of time, should be administered as frequently as recommended by

good medical ethics.

A person who has been allowed to walk the streets of cities and other areas where children are playing should have to wear an alert of some type once they have been deemed a sex offender.

A sex offender should be assigned to an assigned doctor, or police, whose job it would be to monitor the sex offender’s life.

There are other questions in my mind?

Should we taxpayers have to pay for a sex offender to remain incarcerated for long periods of time? These sex offenders have not shown that they have been rehabilitated. Then why should they be kept locked up?

I vote for the castrating and &uot;brain changing.&uot;

Mary Grace Garner-Atkins