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The best laid plans By Andy Prutsok 09/03/2006 As promised, we#8217;re returning to the blogosphere today after a relaxing vacation. I had hoped we would debut the new blog with the new Web site, but

As promised, we’re returning to the blogosphere today after a relaxing vacation.

I had hoped we would debut the new blog with the new Web site, but the best laid plans …

I’ve been informed that some key personnel turnover with our hosts has caused some training set backs, so we will have to trudge forth under the old banner for a brief time.

As I’ve mentioned before, just doing something like changing the Web site around or redesigning the newspaper takes months of painstaking attention and there are invariably little pesky problems that keep cropping up that delay the launch.

I don’t feel too badly about it, however. We’re in good company. Few of the wonderful building construction/renovation projects that have been and are being undertaken seem to come off without a hitch.

Inevitably, planned openings are delayed by weeks or even months. The Main Street Jazz Club and Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts come immediately to mind, along with our own redesign of the printed Suffolk News-Herald that finally launched in January after a planned October debut.

While such delays are regretful, they are typically worth the wait. We feel confident the same will be true for our Web site.

When we last communicated with you we promised some changes to Virtual Suffolk.

Beginning with tomorrow’s post, we will have some new people moderating this site. Tomorrow and every Tuesday moving forward, you will be treated to the literary stylings of Managing Editor Douglas Grant. Those of you who read Doug’s column in the newspaper know he has some interesting takes on life in general.

On Wednesdays staff writer Ashley McKnight-Taylor will contribute. Ashley’s a good writer with a sharp wit and you’ll be interested in what she has to say.

I’m sure readers will have fun engaging with them as you have with me (I’d consider it a personal favor, OD, True Suffolkian, Well Below Radar and some of you others, if you go easy on them at first). I’ll contribute Mondays and Thursdays, and for the weekends we’ll be maintaining Open Mic Friday, which is typically the most interesting thread of the week.

Just like with letters to the editor, the best-read posts are brief and to the point. As most of you typically do, we hope you’ll be truthful in your comments and keep to the high road. Criticism is fine, but if you know a better way to do something, we hope you’ll suggest it, too.

Our goal with the site is to provide a forum for everyone in Suffolk with access to a computer to be able to contribute to the dialogue and have your voice heard on the important issues facing our community. And perhaps have a little fun in the process.

If you are interested in communicating with any of us about the site, you can contact me at 757.934.9611 or at andy.prutsok@suffolknewsherald.com.

Doug’s at 757.934.9603 or at doug.grant@suffolknewsherald.com.

Reach Ashley at 757.934.9615 or at ashley.taylor@suffolknewsherald.com,