Boating Safe – Boating safety grants

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lets start this week’s column with a quick unannounced pop quiz.

Question no. 1 –

Are you a member of a civic organization that is involved in water safety?


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Question no. 2 – Do you &uot;Think out of the box&uot; and often come up with new and innovative

ways to solve problems?

Question no. 3 – Do you have a passion for teaching?

If the answer to the three questions above are &uot;yes&uot; than I have a good deal for you.

Read on.

BoatU.S. Foundation one of the top non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting safe and environmentally sensitive boating. The Foundation’s goal is to be the leader in boating safety and environmental education and outreach, with the purpose of reducing accidents and fatalities, increasing stewardship of our waterways, and keeping boating a safe, accessible, and enjoyable pastime.

This year, as in past 16 years, the foundation is accepting applications for their 2007 Boating Safety Grants.

In total the foundation has given away over $700,000 to local non profit organizations that are committed to the promotion of safe boating around the country supporting many different aspects of safe boating with an accent on innovation.

According to the foundation there is $50,000 in funding available for groups in 2007. The committee, which reviews each application and makes determination on approval, is placing a real emphasis on innovation.

This is an opportunity for true creativity!! The more creative and greater the impact the proposed program, the better the chance of securing a grant. It is that simple.

These grants would be perfect for organizations in Suffolk, from community minded church groups to the scouts and national safety organizations. The key is innovation. I am sure at least one or two of our readers have a group that would like to accept this challenge to educate boaters and make the activity safer!

For more information on this program and to either fill out an on-line application, or down load an application for submission by paper, via the mail, go to:

Until next time….Boat Safe, Boat Smart, and as we mark Monday, the fifth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, let us take a second to remember and appreciate those brave individuals who paid the ultimate price for freedom.