Va. fugitive nabbed in Ahoskie

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 24, 2006

AHOSKIE – A shoplifting charge turned into a lot more here Saturday.

Kelares Lewis Kemmer, on the lame from a fugitive warrant in Virginia, was arrested Saturday by Ahoskie Police Lt. Michele Garrett. He is currently being held without bond in the Hertford County Jail while Virginia law enforcement officials prepare the paperwork to have him taken back to their state as a fugitive from justice.

Records show that Kemmer, 44 of Germantown, Maryland, is wanted for grand larceny.

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Ahoskie Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh reported that Lt. Garrett received a call from Lowes Foods where store clerks advised the suspect, later identified as Kemmer, had walked out of the store after picking up merchandise and left without paying. Store managers informed Lt. Garrett that they wished to press charges on the suspect. Garrett arrested and transported Kemmer to the Ahoskie Police Department.

Upon arrival, Lt. Garrett gave Kemmer’s name to the dispatcher on duty. Shortly after running the name through DCI, a hit response came back on the name.

“Lt. Garrett checked the name and information thoroughly before taking the new information before the magistrate,” Chief Fitzhugh said. “The information was indeed true that he was a fugitive wanted by law enforcement officials in Virginia.”

Fitzhugh said two warrants were issued, the first for larceny from Lowes Foods and the second as the fugitive warrant.

“The Commonwealth of Virginia wished for us to serve the fugitive warrant and they would come and get him after the paperwork is processed,” Fitzhugh said.

The Ahoskie Police Chief praised the work of the dispatcher on duty.

“Dispatcher Flood did an excellent job by checking into the hit we received through DCI,” he said. “Through training and experience, the two Ahoskie police employees were able to catch a fugitive from justice. I commend Lt. Garrett and dispatcher Flood for a good job and using their training and experience to make sure this fugitive did not get away.”