Are contenders for our votes worthy of them?

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

Senator &uot;Foghorn&uot; recently cast votes against the Patriot Act, against controlling our borders, and against our methods of extracting information from terrorists.

A reporter asked if he was willing to take the bathtub test and he replied, &uot;I’ll pass any mental test you have, son.&uot;

&uot;OK,&uot; said the reporter, “a bathtub is full of water, which would you use to empty it, a teaspoon, cup, or a bucket?&uot;

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&uot;That’s easy, son, takes no thought at all; hand me the bucket.&uot;

But all he had to do was what his votes would do to our efforts to win the war against terrorists, pull the plug.

If I remember correctly, it was 65 years ago; the inevitable war quickly brought the nation’s citizens together, including politicians. Today, we are at war with a cowardly enemy and one political party shrugs it off. Either that, or it’s more important to them to vilify the president than gird for what will be a battle for survival, one that will take decades to win.

My generation faced up to a world takeover, but nearly half of our country now is asleep. That terrifying 9/11 appears to be a fleeting memory, even though we are still in that long lasting nightmare … and possibly face far more horrible consequences. A &uot;nation&uot; is forming against the free world, with combatants from many countries, all bonded by religion.

It reminds me of dark nights during the war; the enemy, one we could easily recognize in daylight by its uniforms, was out there, perhaps crawling silently toward us, unseen. We dared not sleep, and wondered if at dawn we would find them behind or among us. It is that way today, but now we know they are among us, waiting for the right moment, while some in this nation, who should be on guard, seem devoted to ignoring the danger. We are waging a war of words instead of preparing for what certainly will come. Insane leaders of the Third World are envious and would rather destroy us than match our progress.

Most of us, safe at home in our free bountiful country, apparently have no more to worry about than E-coli in our spinach, blind as to how it got there. We’re told that 20 million illegal aliens have already arrived without any kind of health screening. Most of these poor souls have escaped third-world conditions and now work in our fields picking our food, or laboring in our restaurants for less than minimum wage.

Because of their current living conditions, many are less than motivated to practice personal hygiene and health habits most Americans take for granted. Do you think those illegals that labor in our chicken processing plants have reasons to take pride in their work? One might better place cleanliness responsibility on corrupt owners who bribe health inspectors and OSHA officials.

Our D.C. Senators, 62 of them, passed S.B. 2611, a bill that all but assures we will see a hundred million new &uot;citizens,&uot; mostly from third-world countries, many with little education. That guarantees the pockets of poverty and disease already taking a toll in those countries will be established here. That fact, and our inability to face up to the coming war for survival, places our current and next generation in great danger. Yet our &uot;leaders&uot; up in D.C. fiddle while Rome nears the combustion point.

Any connection between their reality and mine is purely coincidental.

We are frustrated, because politicians duel instead of doing. Five hundred politicians who can’t get together to accomplish anything of importance are holding the entire country hostage. The question is, does it make any difference which political party is in power? You can bet your boots it does; and you may be betting your life.

If you have not yet figured out which party will provide us with the best national security possible, you are in trouble.

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