Behold, the green and gold got even with bittersweet victory

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

I was glad that the torrential rain from Tropical Depression Ernesto last Friday had left the area before the opening game on last Saturday between the Norfolk State Spartans and the Virginia State Trojans of Petersburg at Norfolk State.

I am an alumnus of Norfolk State and attended the school from 1962-1964. The two schools are rivals similar to the Redskins and Cowboys.

My great nephew, Corey Banks, is a junior at Virginia State and I, along with other members of the family, wanted to support Corey at the game so we all joined him on Virginia State’s side of the stadium.


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I expected that the Spartans would lose to the Trojans, the same as they did last year, but I was surprised at Norfolk State’s performance. Every time Norfolk State scored, I raised out of my seat with a loud cheer. When the score was 22-14 with about five minutes left in the game, Virginia State came close to making a touchdown to make the score 22-21. After they failed to make the touchdown and the ball was turned over to Norfolk State, I came out of my seat once more. I began to think of News Herald reporter Ashley McKnight-Taylor’s experience at a Norfolk Tides baseball game when she said that she was caught off guard with “The Wave.”

I, however, was anticipating coming up with a new movement, “The Duck” just in case someone wanted to throw something at me for cheering on the wrong side of the fence.

The game was finally over and Norfolk State won 29-14. Even though I love my nephew; I also loved NSU’s bittersweet victory. I also learned a lesson that I will never forget—the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence especially if you are the only one that has some gold hidden in it.

The NSU Alumni Assoc. meets every third Monday at 7 p.m. at Paul D. Camp Community College. For more information call Jennifer Baker, president at 539-9407.

On another note, the public is invited to help us welcome members from 19 National Chapters of Les Gemmes Inc.

About 100 women from 19 chapters of the National Les Gemmes Inc. will lodge at the Suffolk Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center from Friday to Sunday morning, Sept. 10, for the Fall National Board Meeting that will include business meetings and fun activities. Some events include only members and their significant others but since the Suffolk Chapter is hosting the event, we are inviting the public to join us in some fun activities. On Saturday, Sept. 9, from noon until 2 p.m., we will host a Luncheon-Fashion Show by Walker Fashions from Virginia Beach. During that time, the men guests will be enjoying a lunch and program at the Main Street Jazz Restaurant. The male public is also invited and Ross Boone will be the keynote speaker. His topic will be “Putting Love Back in the Relationship.”

Boone is the past president of academic studies at Paul D. Camp Community College.

On Saturday from 8 p.m. n midnight, a western disco will be held. Music will be provided by D.J. Benford Hunter. Line dancing instructions will be given by Gail Hinton-Copeland, Mark Wall and me and hand-dancing instructions will be given by Bud Hyman.

For more information and tickets contact Gracie Eure, president at 925-4205; Gail Hinton-Copeland at 539-3689; Audrey Knight at 539-7896 or Evelyn Wall at 334-5038.

Come out to help us show these women that it really is “A good time to be in Suffolk.”

Wall is a former News-Herald reporter and regular contributor to the Town Square Page.