Didn#8217;t really expect Bush to thank Clinton for the peace

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

Please, may we pop open a bottle of bubbly and drink a toast to Bill Clinton and his seeds of peace, that have now become the fruits of his attempts to bring peace to the Korean peninsula?

Now, that tiny country has become a member of the nuclear-armed family.

The chances that George W. Bush will have to invade, or attack, North Korea, are slim to none. This is a peace that Clinton wanted and got.

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Surely, Bush would never have been as successful as Bill. But Bill got the peace.

It hasn’t gone exactly to plan. Only when Clinton sent over that magnificent Secretary of State Madeline Albright did we/he, Clinton, get that peace.

She arrived in the presence of Kim Jong Il, riding a donkey, extending a olive branch. What many didn’t know was that she carried with her a $94 million dollar gift of radioactive “cheese.” It was hoped that this gift would keep the little dictator quiet and happy, and also refrain from building nuclear weapons.

Never mind that he did, and our CIA was aware of his cooking in the kitchens of nuclear weapons. However, Bill had his peace.

Then, after Bill leaves office, along comes Bush and his Axis of Evil speech, where he announces to the world that North Korea has access to what? Nuclear weapons.

Well, that blows the cover right off the cover up, or lack of, releasing the news to the world that they had the bomb.

It all started under Clinton’s watch, and it was his gift of that cheese that allowed this to happen. But, Bill had his peace, no matter what the cost.

Kim Jong Il is only going to return to the table once there is a Democrat in the White House. He will once again become our friend, knowing that he can fly below the radar as he did with his friend Bill Clinton.

What has taken place at the cost of peace is that the donkey died of radiation and that $94 million dollar piece of cheese has become a nuclear weapon.

I didn’t expect Bush to thank Bill Clinton for the peace he got us with North Korea. Bill Clinton should get praise, thanks and all.

Volper is a former Suffolk resident who now resides in Houston. E-mail him at oceandancer2471@yahoo.com