It#8217;s time to change some of the laws on the books

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

I read recently about another pit-bull biting another young child … the dog, not the child, jumped a fence and attacked the innocent. But because it was the dog’s first decent-sized bite, it won’t suffer euthanasia; we must wait until it gets someone else.

Of course there is no evidence that the dog will strike again, and no evidence it won’t. Our state and local laws state we must wait and see.

And how about the blind-drunk driver who just killed three people, including a young girl. It was his second, I repeat, second time, behind the wheel following a day of drinking. Apparently no one learned anything the first time around.

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If the act of DUI had earned enough time in seclusion, three people might still be alive.

And painless euthanasia would cure a dog, making certain there will not be a second bite, perhaps a fatal one.

By now you’d think we should have learned much about weak habitual drunks and certain canines with strong jaws and teeth.

And I wonder if our nation would be better served if we were to carefully examine and publish the negative facts about many of the 500 or so politicians in D.C. who represent nearly 300 million of us. That ratio is about 600,000 to 1.

How many up there are guilty of a covered up crime or immoral act? Not those who just make dumb statements that can eventually haunt them.

Do you suppose the suspect list would include men and women, and from both parties? That’s my bet.

This would be a good time, between now and November, to dig out all the dirt and make it public … the media would love it.

Congress is fertile territory … but who would you trust to investigate?

Back in the early ‘40s, I served as a page in the Michigan House of Representatives. I was kept busy going out for pints of &uot;medicine&uot; for the boozers, but none of them even smiled at me.

As for what you can find on the Internet, you don’t want your children to find or see; now would be a good time to junk the entire system and start over with a cleaner slate.

The same could be said about TV and magazines; both could use a good scrubbing.

Newspapers are still somewhat content-censored; but most across the country are left-leaning, and a few couldn’t go any further in that direction.

In most cities, if we want a newspaper we must accept what is offered. That’s unfortunate, but we could do without them by resorting to the uncensored Internet for news.

That leaves radio, back where we started decades ago.

If we could get that money …

Some mighty big numbers are being thrown about concerning demolition of the Kings Highway bridge and the cost to replace it. A more frightening number is the amount of years before folks will see relief from their commuting costs.

But there has been no mention of the price of an engineering study to see if it could be repaired.

Now, if we could just get hold of that $10 million they say the price went up in one year for the new one. Surely that money would make it drivable.

I admire the continuing effort by the Bridge Club to hang in there and save it. Their efforts, if someone would listen, could save the Commonwealth many millions. But there appears to be many totally deaf ears, and no interested Council members speaking up.

Will someone at least consider leaving a portion of it as a fishing pier?

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