Operation Blessing was a true blessing

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

In my opinion, when God has a plan to be carried out, he uses us to do His will.

With the many things that I seem to have on my plate, I still try to find time to do some volunteer work in order that I may give back to the community. One volunteer organization last weekend made me proud to say that I am a member.

As a part-time employee, I come to this office at least twice a week, and other obligations, some beyond my control, have caused me to miss the last executive board meeting of IMPACT SUFFOLK, of which I am a member. However, on two occasions about two weeks ago flyers advertising the Operation Blessing food giveaway, held Saturday behind Farm Fresh on North Main Street, popped up on my desk and at home. At the time I spotted the one on my dresser at home, a little voice went off in my head to call Dot Dalton, president, to tell her that I would be available to do my part at the event.


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Later that night, Rosa Lynch, another member, called to inform me of the meeting last Thursday.

I attended the meeting, and was greeted by 11 eager members making plans on how to make the day go very smoothly. Everyone there had been given assignments, and I was given mine.

They were to take pictures of the activities with Dalton’s camera, and to go on the stage every half hour to call out the numbers of three raffle tickets, in hopes of finding winners for the 10 prizes to be given away.

On Saturday, I also assisted the Rev. Russell Leonard in passing out religious pamphlets to each person after they received the free food bags, which was not in the plan, but I was happy to do it.

If you could have seen the enthusiasm and love from the IMPACT committee headed by Dalton, you would be greatly touched by their love and prayers for all.

These same feelings and actions have been demonstrated with the planning of the March for Jesus event held in May, the Bloom Saturday Youth Concert held in June, and the Good News Clubs held in July and August.

On Saturday, I couldn’t have been more proud of how volunteers, ranging in ages from teens to senior citizens, worked and came together to provide the community with free food for the body and food for the soul.

In addition, those teenagers were very helpful in taking bags of food to cars for adults.

The event had begun at 9:30 and ended about 1 p.m.

The schedule of activities included, along with prize and food giveaways, face painting, clowns from Christians Clowns of Virginia, balloons from Jesters for Jesus, hot dogs, popcorn, sno-cones, and music by the Nu Wine Gospel Singers, headed by the Rev. Calvin Simmons.

I would like to thank Jackie Simmons from that group for assisting me in raffle prize giveaways.

When the event was over, 1,000 hot dogs and buns and 1,000 bags of potato chips had been consumed, and 4,000 loaves of bread, over 1,000 cans of coffee and 30,000 pounds of groceries had been given away.

When I finally went to bed about 1 a.m., after attending another big event later that night, I analyzed the activities that took place earlier that day at Operation Blessing and came to the following conclusion. I felt a sense of appreciation and contentment being a part of IMPACT SUFFPLK, simply because God has blessed me to be able to do all the things that I do.

And on Saturday, He was still using me as well as those many volunteers to bless others.

Wall is a former News-Herald reporter and regular contributor to the Town Square page.