What is in that financial analysis?

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

What’s in the recent financial analysis, asked for by city council, compiled by a Richmond firm, delivered to the council members recently, and taken behind closed doors Tuesday?

In a specially called meeting to go over and discuss the document, council members elected to do it out of the view of the public and the press.

The reason given to hold the meeting behind closed doors was for &uot;the discussion or consideration of the assignment, appointment, promotion, performance, demotion, salaries, disciplining or resignation of specific public officers, appointees or employees; and consultation with legal counsel and briefings by staff members pertaining to actual or probable litigation, and regarding specific legal matters requiring the provision of legal advice by such counsel.&uot;

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Nowhere in there does it say for &uot;financial matters&uot; relating to an audit or any other document related to the city’s finances.

So, did they see something in there that caused them some concern? Is there something that smacks of illegality or misappropriation of funds, or other items that should not yet see the light of day?

It makes one wonder. After all, the analysis, not a full audit, was sought to show &uot;an overview … where our money is going, where it has gone and where we sit today.&uot;

Is there something wrong with the taxpayers’ money?