When did the world start spinning out of control?

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

I, once again, thought I had heard just about everything until this story came out the other day.

It seems a 5-year-old in England had, through her parents, applied for a passport. And in doing so, she had to have a photo taken.

When the picture was developed, the powers that be rejected her application.


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The reason n her exposed arms.

It seems that she was wearing a sleeveless dress at the time of the photo shoot.

And the basis for the rejection n if a Muslim were handing her passport and saw her bare skin, he or she might be offended.

Dear God almighty. When will it ever stop? All of this political correctness and overboard sensitivity is getting out of control.

If the Muslim would be offended by seeing the bare arms of a 5-year-old, why aren’t the passports of all women rejected until photos of them, completely covered from head to toe, taken and replace the picture they currently have.

Why would the bare arms of a 5-year-old be any more offensive than the bare head of the next female?

Please, it has to stop!

They’re watching it

I suppose by now you have heard that CBS has put together its latest Survivor teams, and divided them along racial lines. There are teams of blacks, Asians, whites and Hispanics.

Of course as soon as it was announced what the producers were going to do, critics came out of the woodwork and began bad mouthing the network for such a stunt.

While I don’t watch the show, or any of those types of reality shows, you can bet your bottom dollar that Survivor hasn’t lost any viewers because of the latest challenge.

In fact, I’d bet they picked up a few hundred thousand more n all of them wanting to see just what will happen.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Stupid is as stupid does

We’ve all heard the stories of the stupid crooks, like bank robbers writing their robbery note on the back of their own deposit slip.

Well, it seems a man in Wisconsin is under arrest after police found his birth certificate at the scene of a suspicious fire.

I don’t know why he would have had that document with him n I don’t carry mine, and probably couldn’t produce it if a gun was held to my head. Maybe he wanted to get caught and left it there.

Perhaps Dr. Phil should examine him on his show sometime and get to the root of the issue.

They say pigs

are pretty smart

In Wisconsin n I apologize to those folks, but I don’t make them up n a pig got loose on the highway, and quickly became a traffic hazard.

Using stun guns, the same ones police carry and use on human criminals, and which are designed to knock a grown man on his keester, they shot the porker twice. Seems the pig wasn’t even phased, and in fact pulled the stingers out and kept on going.

He was finally subdued by some tranquilizer darts and turned over to animal control.

If I were the police chief, I’d check the strength of those tasers before they have to go after some great big fat guy.

Bottom line is the pig is fine and somebody, according to the information I have, has already inquired about adopting the pig.

Happy ending, unless the potential adopter owns a restaurant. The newspaper article wasn’t very clear on that.

Grant is the managing editor of the Suffolk News-Herald. Contact him at 934-9603, or doug.grant@suffolknewsherlad.com