Why should we worry if the GOP fails in the mid-term election?

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 3, 2006

Socialist and liberal members of Congress have attacked George Bush for fomenting terrorism by our presence in Iraq. Their so-called fight against terrorism boils down to to nothing more than cutting and running from Iraq, and their wanting to put those troops in Afghanistan because they oppose all measures to combat terrorism through the CIA,NSA and FBI surveillance and interrogation.

They think that with more troops we will find and capture Osama Bin Laden. That is a “plan” they think will work.

Let’s not ignore the probability that OBL isn’t in Afghanistan at all, that he is in Pakistan, where officials there have refused to let U.S. troops operate.


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You can expect another showing of their true colors, the red banner of socialism, and a call for the down-sizing of the military as Bill Clinton did by one third. If this is done, you want to hand over our national defense to the U.N. who is at the will of the countries who want to destroy us? Did you notice that during his latest travels to Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and, yes, Cuba and Venezuela, taking a message of peace and unity, Kofi Anna didn’t visit or acknowledge Israel other than to say they were, or are, the aggressor.

What the socialists and liberals want is to gain power, attempt to impeach Bush, repeal the tax cuts, which would plunge the country into a recession, and let Hillary and Bill Clinton (yes Bill the only Clinton with any real power) return tho their 1993 project to enfold the entire health care system into a copy of the British and Canadian socialized systems.

Why worry if the socialist and liberals win in November and take control of the Congress? With that in mind, when Muslim Jihadist continue to slaughter us here at home, socialized medicine will be here to take care of us, should any of us survive.

Sen. John McCain should remove himself from this debate over “torture” and interrogation, and so should any other member who was captured and tortured during Vietnam. But there are others, who, when it comes to aggressive questioning, believe that tea and crumpets should be served.

McCain said that Al-Qada, Hamas and Hezbollah will continue to torture our troops and said “we must take the high moral ground,” and not lower our standards because others do. I didn’t know that any of the above signed onto the Geneva Convention. We could actually lower our standards and still be on the higher moral ground than those who saw off heads of bound captives, or hide behind and target innocents. Remember we are talking about “people” who have no compunction about incinerating whole cites, sawing off heads, gutting soldiers, shooting nuns, and blowing up babies.

I hear over and over the statement “I support our troops.” Well, its time to shut up and put up. There are eight Marines who are fighting for their very lives. And if the Murtha’s Kerry’s and Kennedy’s, and other liberals have their way, others could follow these brave soldiers because they followed their orders to the letter.

Lets call them the Camp Pendleton 8. The detainees at Gitmo have more rights than our own. There has been no due process, no gag orders, no exhumations, nor autopsies, no ballistics, nothing, zero, nada.

There is a fund to help these 7 Marines and 1 Navy corpsman who are presently confined. Let them know there are people out there who actually do support them and the troops. Contribute to the fund and write them  a letter. Let them know you do support them.

Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins, Cpl. Marshal Magincalda, Cpl. Trent Thomas, Lance Cpl. Tyler Jackson, Lance Cpl. Robert Pennington, Lance Cpl. Robert Pennington, Lance Cpl. Jerry Shumate. HN3 Melson Bacos and Pfc. John Jodka at the following:


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendelton

P.O. BOX 555226

Camp Pendleton, CA  92055

Volper is an ex-Suffolk resident residing in Houston; email him at oceandancer2471@yahoo.com