Allen on the issues

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Senator George Allen appeared at Massimo Zanetti Beverage Company on Progress Road Friday to speak to employees and the media about the issues in the Senate campaign. After joking with employees about not letting him keep them away from work too long, he outlined his views on the major concerns of voters.

“I have certain principles that guide me,” Allen said.

For example, Allen offered his position on taxation.

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“I’m for less taxation,” Allen said. “In the last five years we’ve reduced taxes. My opponent wants to let tax relief expire.”

Allen said that he had been instrumental in creating jobs in Hampton Roads. He also advocated better education, more personalized health care, energy independence and less needless litigation during his speech.

On the issue of health care, Allen said simply, “We need to make health care affordable.”

He also proposed the solution of more and better judges to handle the litigation problem. “Judges are very important.”

Allen cited his familiarity with Virginia as one reason he should be elected.

“If you pay taxes, I know you work for a living and care about your family,” Allen said. “I share those principles for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“The people of Virginia know me, and I know Virginia,” Allen said. “If you want to be senator of Virginia, you need to know Virginia.”

Allen also touched on the issue of immigration.

“I’m for legal immigration,” he said. “My opponent supports illegal immigration and is against legal immigration.

“It is so outrageous that people who haven’t paid into Social Security are getting fake Social Security cards, and collecting benefits,” said Allen.

The senator also offered his opinion on the Iraq war.

“We need to adjust tactics in Iraq,” Allen said. “I want our troops to come home as soon as possible, and to come home in victory, not defeat.”

Family values were one of the biggest areas emphasized during Allen’s speech.

“A family, ideally with a father and a mother, is where children learn well,” he said.

He pushed the passing of the Virginia Marriage Protection Act, which is one of three state constitution amendments on the ballot today.

“Virginia needs to send a message that we’re opposed to the marriage amendment,” Allen said. “I feel very strongly that marriage should be between one man and one woman.”

“We need to send a message to the D.C. liberals that Virginia is going to leave a legacy,” Allen said of passing the amendment.

Two other amendments are on today’s ballot. The first would, if passed, remove from the state constitution the provision that prohibits the incorporation of churches. The other, if passed, would authorize legislation to permit localities to provide a partial exemption from real property taxes for real estate with new structures and improvements in conservation, redevelopment, or rehabilitation areas.