39 Years Ago

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Program set at Robertson School Friday

Observance of American Education Week is being climaxed with a Veteran’s Day program in the Robertson Elementary School, Whaleyville, in the schol auditorium, at 1:15 Friday.

The following program has been prepared: Opening Song, “America”; Pledge to the Flag; Prayer by Emmett Dildy Jr.; Song, “Faith of Our Fathers”; a short history of American Education Week by Lloyd Langston. J.C. Brown, president of the P-TA and veteran of World War II, the speaker of the evening will be introduced by the Principal of the school, Miss C.L. Pratt.


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Students perform play

The students of the Fifth Grade from East Suffolk Primary School presented a Wednesday morning play entitled “Instant Education” in observance of American Education Week.

Scene of the play was a classroom visited by two men from out of space who injected Instant Education to members of the class — which only lasted for a few minutes.

The space men were played by Mack Benn and Keith Boykins.

Other characters of the play were: teacher – Sharon Williams; Bruce – Terrence Britt; Wyatt – Tony Knight; Laurie – Elesion Bond; Julia – Lois Boykins and Joan Kindred; Tom – Brent Barnes; Eric – Allen Parker and Herbert Skeeter; Sandy – Gerald Reid; first parent – Lenora Bradley; second parent – Winnetha Benn; Karen – Betty West; third parent – Evelyn Howell; fourth parent – Sharon Skeeter.

Other parents were played by Christopher Lassiter, Michael Chambliss, Ricky, Daniel, Ronald Hobson, Laura Artis, Rodney Booth, Cynthia Smith McDonald Cross, Paula Hines and Howard Nicholson.

Clara Jones introduced the play.

The play was directed by Miss Y.D. Martin and Mrs. C.M. Goodman.

Veterans Planning Program Sunday

The Veterans Day Service will be observed this year by the United Veterans Committee on Sunday, November 12, at 2 p.m. at the entrance to Cedar Hill Cemetery. The announcement was made by Thomas E. Warrington, chairman of the committee and present commander of Post 57, American Legion.

Warrington said the theme and purpose of the program will be to “demonstrate our loyalty to our flag and to our men who have been committed to duty in Viet Nam. The most urgent requirement now is national unity,” he said. “The time has passed to debate how we got into South Viet Nam or whether we should be there. We are there. Our flag and our men are in a war. In time of war or national crisis, it is the duty of all Americans to give full and complete support ot the national purpose and objectives. The highest duty to do so falls upon the government, religious, educaitonal and social leaders at every level, national, state and local. There is no substitute for a national will to win. We must give our fighting men in the field the support they need and deserve.”