It will be interesting to watch

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Since the election, I have watched many political shows, surfed the net and blogs. I have seen how the democratic geniuses have been thrown soft balls by the liberals of the mainstream media. Putting it all together, here is what I see coming.

1. The left has no plan on Iraq, had no plan, and has no intention of developing a plan for the future. They keep saying they have one, but really don’t. Their whole &uot;plan&uot; is not to have one. That way they don’t get pinned down on anything, and say anything to get elected in 2008.

They don’t have to worry about their buddies in the liberal media holding them accountable. The hardest question they got asked in this last election was &uot;how big a disaster Bush has been or was.&uot;


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This way all they have to do is blame Bush and the Republicans for everything they screw up.

2. They will push Bush to get the troops out of Iraq by 2008, sooner if possible. That will clear the scene for Hillary to get into the White House without her having to get her hands dirty dealing with Iraq.

It will also force Bush to take the blame for the resulting destabilization that will take place in Iraq and the entire mid-east.

3. They are going to de-fund the military as they did in the 90s and 70s, and leave Iraq on its own as done to Vietnam. They then will shift that funding to their give-away programs. It will be socialism like we have never seen before. You will see a recession within a year.

4. Nancy Pelosi is going to kick John Murtha to the curb. He was a useful idiot to them, as an attack dog to go after Bush. But now his usefulness is over and they want him to sit down and shut up. He is an impediment to them now.

5. You will see Clinton/Obama run in 08.

6. The left and the mainstream liberal media are operating under the delusion that you can just leave Iraq, disengage, and the whole terrorism threat goes away.

That will be big miscalculation on their part.

I now expect that the terrorists will hit us again and soon. Of course when it happens, they will blame Bush for that too, but some of the public will wake up. But it will change everything in ways they cannot anticipate.

7. I expect the left to abandon Israel. Yes, Bush has not been the biggest supporter of Israel at times, but he will look like Reagan at his peak when the left gets done from walking away from Israel. Israel will be left alone. Kind of like Vietnam was and Iraq will be.

8. The moonbats over at the Democratic underground are going to go ballistic and try and force the Democrats to impeach.

So far Pelosi and Dean have said ‘no’ to impeachment. How long do you think that will last?

9. Now that the election is over, Cindy Shehan, like John Murtha, has lost her usefulness to the left and the liberal media. I expect that the media will start showing her as the fool that she really is, to marginalize her and make her go away as well.

10. The mainstream liberal media is overplaying their hand.

Time after time they would go on some negative rant about Bush on camera, then turn to some Republican and ask the question, “when was Bush going to stop the politics of personal destruction?”

So, what you are going to see is moonbats turning on their own before the next election cycle, feeling betrayed. Joe Liberman can attest to that.

Get the popcorn, this is going to be interesting to watch.

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